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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth brings years of experience helping a wide array of healthcare entities advance toward their goals and strengthen the human connection in care delivery.


Elizabeth has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
and is certified as a Master Addictions Counselor. She was one of California’s
early Integrated Behavioral Health vanguard leaders and has over 20 years of
success in helping medical organizations evolve into integrated care systems.
She has developed and conducted hundreds of workshop series and Train the
Facilitator courses in empathy-based communication and practices. In
2020, Elizabeth co-created The Lay Counselor Academy which she considers
the most important and urgent work of her career.


Elizabeth knows that elevating, enhancing and amplifying strengths is more effective than focusing on trying to mitigate limitations.  She practices seeing communities, organizations and teams through a strength-based lens, elicits the hopes, goals and vision of your team, then with you, collaboratively creates a work plan addressing both content and process.


Elizabeth’s belief and experience is that a team with a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences produce the highest quality work.  To that end, she has a group of dynamic, astute, humble and curious group of consultants who work with her,  allowing her to choose the perfect configuration of consultants to work on your project.


Curated Resources to Support Human-Centered Care

Looking for practical tools to support your team in practicing empathy for themselves, each other and patients? Check out our free resources. 

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Relationship-Centered Consultation

Meet the Team

Like all high preforming teams, we love to work together.
This means you get the best services.

Our values


Empathy directly impacts patient health outcomes and staff and provider satisfaction. All our work seeks to elevate opportunities to enhance empathy in day to day care provision.


Health Equity is a moral issue. All our work centralizes increasing practices that decrease health disparities, racism, stigma and other forms of discrimination.


True healing, help and change happens in the context of relationships. We imperfectly strive to practice relationship-based collaboration and communication in all we do.

Our Services

Humanizing Healthcare

EM Consulting specialize in helping healthcare organizations elevate the human connection at all levels: clinical, operational, leadership and community.

Our Process

How we work with you

Aligning with your goals

We dig in with you, to make sure we understand what you want for your project, initiative or organization.

Establish a plan and measures

We collaborate with you to discuss strategies and
how we will measure success.

Execute, communicate and measure

We hit the ground running, communicating how and when works best for your team.

You’re in Good Company

Trusted by leading healthcare provider networks, Medicaid plans, community health centers and more.

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