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You know caring for patients’ health involves more than traditional medical care.  How do you enhance, deepen and spread empathy and equity-based practices in your organization?

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Communication is the key. We make sure we know what works best for you and your team when it comes to communication: frequency, method and content.

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Humanizing healthcare is BIG, broad and vague. We work with you to clarify your vision, identify goals and define strategies. You’ll feel confident about your project.

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We are comfortable working on our own to move forward for your team, partnering with you at every step of the way.

Services Customized For Your Organization

We take a strength-based approach that looks at your organization’s unique purpose, culture, and experience. Together we develop evidence-based strategies tailored to meet your goals.

Support your team to learn, grow and connect with relationship-based training programs. We have Motivational Interviewing, Empathic Communication, Addictive Disorders Care and Trauma Informed Care training packages that your talented staff can facilitate. We also create custom workshops that perfectly fit your organization’s needs.

We are in a mental health crisis, made worse by a mental health clinician shortage. The licensed workforce we do have is only sometimes culturally or linguistically concordant with the community served. Through our Lay Counselor Academy, we train case managers, CHWs, care coordinators and community members to do mental health counseling.

We know your employees face immense challenges in obtaining mental health care, even with employer-based insurance and an EAP. Our highly skilled, compassionate counseling team provides easy, fast access to mental health counseling services to your employees.

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My favorite axiom is "We are what we practice". It takes perfectionism out of the equation, as we deepen and broaden our practice of empathic, human-centered work."
Elizabeth Morrison

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Mental Health Care For All

Reimagine your organization with enough high quality mental health counselors to meet the needs of your staff, patients, clients or students. It is possible!

Kind Words about what we do

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"Elizabeth has helped CMC move forward in our understanding of experience through the lens of the staff, patients and community. She completely understands the health center world, and develops training programs tailored to our needs, time restraints and competing priorities. Staff who participate in her team’s workshops are wowed by them!"
Christine Noguera
Christine Noguera
CEO - Community Medical Centers
"We turn to EM Consulting for the deeply important work of assisting health organizations in enhancing culture change, transforming siloed care, and improving whole person care delivery. HIP’s experience with EM Consulting is one of ease- they are always impeccable in adhering to budgets, timelines, and professional execution of deliverables."
Elisa Orona
Elisa Orona
Executive Director- Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County

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Trusted by leading healthcare provider networks, Medicaid plans, community health centers and more.

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Elizabeth and her team specialize in helping healthcare leaders bring their vision of more empathy and connection to their healthcare setting in practical ways.
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