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Supporting Employee Mental Health

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Mental Health Support For Your Employees

We provide high quality, rapid & direct access to mental health services for your employees, including individual counseling, & support groups.

Mental Health Matters

Recent research has confirmed that access to high-quality mental health services is deeply important to employees. When employers provide mental health support, employees are more likely to report intentions to stay at their company. 

Workers who felt supported with their mental health overall were 26% less likely to report at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year.
Mental Health in the Workplace Report 2021
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Imagine telling your employees they have easy, fast access to high-quality mental health support. With Flourish, employees can text a dedicated number, and ask to be connected to a counselor. They will get a response within hours, and be connected with an empathic, skilful counselor within days. It is that easy!

Why Choose Flourish?

Ease of Access

Imagine your employees being able to text a phone number when they want mental health counseling, get a response within 8 hours and be connected to help within 2 days.

The Team

We have Licensed Therapists as well as a dynamite supportive counseling team, trained in CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Empathic Listening and Behavioral Activation.

Our Approach

Our strength-based approach can support your employees with burnout, work/life harmony, parenting difficulties, mental health struggles, life transitions and difficult decisions.

Providing easy access to high quality mental health support is becoming a imperative for all industries and business

Why Mental Health Matters At Work

There are benefits to both employees & the employer when people feel supported and listened to concerning their mental health:

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Employees who feel supported by their employer are less likely to experience mental health symptoms.

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Fewer sick days

Fewer days missed from work from poor mental health and increased productivity and happiness at work.

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Job Satisfaction

Higher job satisfaction and intentions to stay at their company. Employees are more comfortable discussing mental health at work.

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An increased positive view and trust of their company and its leaders. Being proud to work at their respective company.

What does it Cost?

EM Consulting works primarily with safety-net organizations and our pricing reflects this. 
We have 2 different payment structures for Flourish Services.

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A Flat Monthly Fee

Based on the number of total employees at your organization

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Fee for Service

For individual and group services

You’re in Good Company

Trusted by leading healthcare provider networks, Medicaid plans, community health centers and more.

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