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Our Consulting Services

If you are interested in care integration, human-centered care, empathic communication, trauma informed care, Motivational Interviewing, decreasing stigma and bias, supporting your employees in a meaningful way, developing high quality virtual or digital care, we can help!

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The Lay Counselor Academy

We provide intensive, high quality learning,  development and support for your staff to be confident, competent counselors for your patients, clients or students.

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Supporting Employee Mental Health

We know your employees need care too, and that the EAP just doesn’t cut it. We provide incredible, high quality, rapid and direct access to mental health services for your employees, including individual counseling, and support groups. 

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Learning and Development

Our Workshop Series and Training Courses aren’t training-as-usual. They are interactive, practice-based, relationship-focused and deeply engaging. Elevate your internal talent and embed empathic communication in your organization!

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Integrated Behavioral Health

Ready for the next phase of integration? Increasing the ratio of BH providers to medical providers, addressing population health, equity-related health disparities, and building robust telehealth services are all part of IBH 2.0. We can help you get there!

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Healthy equity is the foundation to all the work we do.

Equity and empathy are inextricably linked. Equitable access, quality of care and health outcomes are not possible without ensuring everyone has access to non-judgmental, empathic care, from reception to exam room.

You’re in Good Company

Trusted by leading healthcare provider networks, Medicaid plans, community health centers and more.

Our values


Empathy directly impacts patient health outcomes and staff and provider satisfaction. All our work seeks to elevate opportunities to enhance empathy in day to day care provision.


Health Equity is a moral issue. All our work centralizes increasing practices that decrease health disparities, racism, stigma and other forms of discrimination.


True healing, help and change happens in the context of relationships. We imperfectly strive to practice relationship-based collaboration and communication in all we do.

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