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Emotional Support for Your Employees: Flourish


We know you and your staff are tired. With the ongoing pandemic and severe staff shortages, it is no surprise that the mental health struggles of providers and staff have increased dramatically over the last 2 years. Unfortunately, the barriers to getting care are significant: distrust of EAPs, long wait periods before initial appointments, co-pays, making space for appointments in the midst of busy schedules, and after all of that, unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a counselor you connect with.

We know how much you want to genuinely support your staff in meaningful ways and, perhaps, how concerned you are about losing staff and providers. This is a moment when our normal ways of showing support for our employees (pizza, gift cards, employee recognition) may not be effective.

EM Consulting is offering a new counseling service: Flourish. We provide high quality, flexible, virtual counseling services to your employees, including:

  • No-barrier requests for services: employees just text our dedicated phone number.
  • Appointments available within 3 days of request (and as soon as same day!)
  • Counseling via phone or video (text counseling coming soon!)
  • Flexible times (early mornings, lunch hours, weekends and evenings)
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and breathing groups in the early morning
  • Medical provider support groups
  • Psychoeducational groups: parenting support, wellness support, grief and loss, etc. (customized to your organization)
  • Specialized coaching and support for executives

We would love to customize offerings to your organization! Email me at elizabeth@emorrisonconsulting.com or call (209) 769-3923 for more information.

More About Our Team:

Our Team

Our team is an inclusive, diverse mix of people from different professional backgrounds and areas of expertise. We have psychologists and LCSWs who have worked in FQHCs for years and fully understand what your employees are struggling with! We also have a dynamite supportive counseling team who are trained in CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Empathic Listening, and Behavioral Activation. The Flourish team is deeply aligned with strength-based approaches to support employees in work/life harmony, parenting difficulties, family struggles, depression, anxiety, substance use concerns, grief, life changes and anything else causing stress.

Cost of Services:

EM Consulting works primarily with safety-net organizations and our pricing reflects this. We have 3 different plans including:

  • Flat fee for defined number of total sessions and groups per month
  • Membership/subscription model
  • Fee for service, with a cap you determine

Wishing you and yours all the best in the New Year!

P.S. We are almost ready to launch our Counselor Training Academy and could not be more excited! If your integrated behavioral health department is maxed out or if patients are waiting weeks or months for IBH services, this is the solution for you. We will help you pick 10 of your most naturally skilled employees and train them to work as supportive counselors in your BH department. We’ve been doing this for a year with amazing results. We will share more in the coming months- let us know if you are interested by emailing me. You can read more about why I believe we need a lay counseling workforce here.

Please know that my hope is that this email is not in any way unwelcome or intrusive. If it is and you do not wish to receive any emails from EM Consulting moving forward, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of this page.


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Elizabeth brings years of experience helping a wide array of healthcare entities advance toward their goals and strengthen the human connection in care delivery.

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